You deserve to have the opportunity and support necessary to pursue your future goals and be safe and secure as adults.

In 2021, Futures Without Violence, in partnership with The Allstate Foundation and in collaboration with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, launched a national survey to better understand the academic, work, and financial pressures teens experience in their relationships. To address this long-overlooked problem, we partnered with teens to raise awareness and start a national conversation.

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The 2024 Campaign Theme

Your universe can grow or shrink based on your relationships TODAY. A teen who manipulates their boyfriend/girlfriend/ partner/boo/dating whatever into spending their money on them, skipping class or homework assignments, or quitting a job, can limit your ability to pursue your dreams. This is economic abuse and it can ripple into your future – impacting your education, career, and financial wellbeing. Learn to recognize economic abuse and help your friends and yourself create a universe of abundant opportunity.



Why You Should Care

Together, we can create positive, happy, and hopeful relationships that help us expand our universe.

Many teens are experiencing various forms of economic abuse, yet most teens do not recognize economic abuse as dating violence


experienced education sabotage such as being pressured by a partner to skip class or school or quit an extra- or co-curricular activity or club


experienced employment sabotage such as being pressured by a partner to change jobs or not go to work when they are scheduled


experienced financial control such as being pressured by a partner to give them money
or buy them things they didn’t want to

The good news? Adults and teens can help!

Research shows that teens views about positive relationships are shaped by their parents/guardians, peers, and educators. So, whether you are a teen, parent/guardian, or educator, you can play a role in helping teens by nurturing the positive relationships, experiences, and skills teens need to create their own universe full of abundant opportunities.


Want to help? Check out resources, tools, and educational materials created by our teen fellows to get started. Choose your audience to learn more:

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This project is supported by FUTURES WITHOUT VIOLENCE
through generous funding from The Allstate Foundation.